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Stan and Dan: artistic Muses?

Well, well, well, 6x1 is in full swing. How exciting it is to create a film using your hands, scratching and inking and animating; actually manipulating the film strip to create a moving image. Everything we have learned thus far we will have to incorporate into our elements project. I am of course looking forward to seeing mine and Robert’s final project but I think I am more excited to see what the other groups films will look like.

I think there is something to be said about experimental filmmaking, and what we are learning in this class. I think Andre and some of the other filmmakers we have studied really embrace the idea of artistic expression and freedom. Often I find that some artists (painters, writers, actors, filmmakers) tend to be a little elitist about their craft. They give off the vibe that only a certain few can create art. I completely disagree. I think anyone and everyone is capable of creating art as long as they check their inhibitions at the door and just create.

Of the techniques we have learned so far, I think I like inking the best. I really enjoy the vividness and brightness of the colors as well as the variations of inking (using India ink, mixing oils, etc.) Magazine transfers are pretty fun as well, though I’m not sure I have mastered that technique yet. Rayograms are kind of over my head, but I thought turning our lecture room into a makeshift darkroom and then developing the film was pretty sweet. However, the rubber gloves were too small for my hands so I was forced to reach my bare hands in the chemicals. I have had no adverse side effects from this, except that my hands smelled awful…oh yeah and that twitching in my left eye that won’t seem to go away (just kidding).

Last week I invited my partner Robert over to do some of the frame animation on our project. Tedious, tedious, tedious. Wow, it took quite a bit of time to animate only a few seconds worth of film. Though, it takes a long time to animate with the sharpie, I think when I see our animation projected, the pay-off will be big.

All of this typing and writing about film manipulation makes me want to end this blog and just start inking some clear leader. It is always good for my filmmaking process, to draw some inspiration and motivation from other great artists. So I think before I start working on my elements project I will think of two people: legendary experimental filmmaker Stan Brackage and actor/producer Danny Glover. While Stan has propelled the avant-garde film movement, Danny is one of the finest character actors of this or any generation. Playing such characters as Roger Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon series and Gus Green in the acclaimed 1997 classic Gone Fishin,’ it is easy to see why Glover would be the only sutable muse for my art.

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I said 'hot damn Stan!'